Dr. Mark D. Harmon


Dr. Mark Harmon has authored more than two dozen academic research articles, and more than 50 refereed research presentations.  He is the author of three book chapters, and two popular instructional websites linked above.  His work has appeared in some of the most prestigious journals in his field, including Journalism Quarterly and the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.  He has been honored with his college’s outstanding research award as well as its outstanding teaching award and a chancellor’s citation for extraordinary community service.  The International Radio and Television Society honored him as in 2004 as the Frank Stanton fellow for distinguished broadcast education.

Dr. Harmon also has a political resume.  In 2006 he was elected to the Knox County Commission, the only challenger in that county election to defeat an incumbent.  In 1998 he won a primary to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in the 13th district of Texas.  He also has served as a county party chairman and a campaign manager.

Harmon has worked as a television news producer and reporter, a radio news reporter, host of a radio talk show, and guest columnist for several newspapers and magazines.


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