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J. Michael Pemberton



IS 490 - Information Environment (3 hours)
Generation, production, management, dissemination, and use of information. Roles of information in society, information seeking and user behavior, information industry, economics of information products and services, technological and organizational change, information professions, and issues.

IS 550 Management of Information Organizations (3 hours)
Supervisory and management concepts, strategies, and techniques applicable to information professionals working in libraries, archives, records management, and other information organizations.

IS 553 Corporate Information Services (3 hours)
Development and present status, scope and objectives. Administrative and organizational problems and techniques.

IS 564 Corporate Information Systems (3 hours)
Objectives and function elements of records systems, archival programs, management information systems and techniques within various types of organizations. Management of information internal to organizations.

592- Knowledge Management (Seminar) (3 hours) Colloborative, integrative approach to creation, capture, organization, access and use of information assets (internal and external sources) by organizations to create knowledge that leverages innovation. Includes examintion of types of knowledge, tacit and explicit knowledge, information ecologies, document-based systems, collaborative technologies, issues in organizational culture, knowledge audits, and cases studies.

These classes are part of the SIS Corporate Information Management Focus


IS 559 - Practicum (3 to 6 hours)
Opportunity to translate theory into practice under guidance of qualified information professionals. Prerequisite: Completion of core and pertinent advanced courses relevant to student's practicum design. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Written consent of advisor and approval of practicum coordinator. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hours. S/NC only.


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